Living on the edge with Ember Decorators


Three step checklist to transition off ember-decorators

I'm working on a new app and wanted to get on the pre-release version of ember in modern javascript, with ES6 Classes, Decorators, and the new Ember component model.

Things were great using">Ember Decorators, until it came time to upgrade to Ember 3.10 and switch to using the build-in decorator system.

If you're like me, and hate random configuration changes, you may find this process "un-fun." So I put together a migration guide so I didn't have to look it up again.


Upgrade Ember Decorators

Upgrade ember-decorators to 6.0.0 If you're using Ember 3.9 or less, install ember-decorators-polyfill You can also remove the sub packages for @ember-decorators/object @ember-decorators/serviceand @ember-decorators/data . For a full rundown, (read Chris Garret's blog post)

Remove Ember-decorators babel-transforms

yarn remove @ember-decorators/babel-transforms should do the trick

Replace Ember Decorators Imports

Replace import { <decorator> } from '@ember-decorators/<package> with import { decorator } from@ember/package`

All Done!